About Us

In 1996 Tupac was Killed, Michael Jordan won the NBA championship and Defend Brooklyn was started. Since then every city from Hicksville Long island to Paris France has tried to make shirts and brands about defending their city. What they didn't understand is that Defend Brooklyn is about a mentality, not a place. It's a symbol of authenticity, style and success without a compromise.  Jay-Z didn't forget Marcy Projects, Barbara Striesand not didn't get a nose job, Biggie Smalls didn't lose weight to become a pop star and Seinfeld made a show about nothing. All born in Brooklyn. The most important message in that is that all of these people loved themselves. They never abandoned their lives or their past to become successful. That is definitively New York City, and distinctively Brooklyn. So understand what it really is and be it. Love yourself, love your city, but Be Brooklyn, and Defend it.